Posted: Author: Mark Withers

Business rates – Relief for stripped out buildings

Rating relief on empty properties was abolished in 2008. Relief remains available where a building is being refurbished and / or isn’t fit for occupation but claiming these reliefs has become increasingly difficult given the stricter approach being taken by local rating authorities. For the purposes of determining liability for business rates, properties are assumed… Read more »

Posted: Author: Laura Trapnell

Intellectual Property and rise of Kickstarter projects

This is a great Kickstarter project: ALEX Bottle. In essence, it dispenses with the need to work out and attempt to clean those refillable bottles that I’m sure most people have bought or acquired over the years. (Let’s be honest, anything’s got to be better than adding to the use of plastic bottles, even if… Read more »

Posted: Author: Peter Taylor

Striking through of documents

In Decura IM Investments LLP v UBS AG, London Branch [2014], the High Court judge was asked to consider a number of complaints made regarding the defendant’s disclosure exercise, i.e. how they had dealt with disclosing the evidence in support of or harmful to their case (previously called discovery). As any party to proceedings will… Read more »

Posted: Author: Laura Trapnell

Is your website injecting cash into hackers’ pockets?

The Information Commissioners Office has fined a hotel booking website £7,500 following a serious data breach. Due to a weakness in Worldview Limited’s website, a hacker was able to gain access to 3,814 customer card details. This was done via an SQL Injection which is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but sadly… Read more »

Posted: Author: Helen Freeston

To sponsor or not to sponsor that is the question?

One of the aspects of my job that gives me most satisfaction is working with our key sponsors, including the Mayflower Theatre, in designing and organising packages that I know are going to WOW our clients and staff (sponsorship isn’t just about the external market, and has a huge part to play in staff engagement… Read more »