Posted: Author: Laura Trapnell

Practitioners to be granted professional protection for IP litigation

Co-authored by Ryan Mitchell, Trainee Solicitor and Laura Trapnell, Head of Intellectual Property The Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Bill is set to change the somewhat unique situation whereby a professional adviser can be personally sued for sending threats of intellectual property (IP) litigation to perceived infringers on behalf of their clients. Under the current law… Read more »

Posted: Author: Nick Vaughan

Consultation process prior to academy conversion

The Department for Education (DfE) requires governing bodies to carry out a consultation exercise prior to conversion on whether or not to convert to academy status. The Academies Act 2010 states that “the school’s governing body must consult such persons as they think appropriate”. Who to consult? Schools must consult any individual or organisation that will… Read more »

Posted: Author: Mark Withers

Redevelopment and quiet enjoyment

Landlords often find themselves treading a fine line when carrying out works to a property occupied by one or more tenants in the light of implied (or more often express) covenants for quiet enjoyment.  Any steps by the landlord which interfere with the tenant’s possession and enjoyment of a property may result in a breach… Read more »

Posted: Author: Ruth Harding

Government wins latest battle over small-site exemptions from affordable housing

Good news for small developers! After a long-running battle with two Councils (West Berkshire BC and Reading BC), the Government has won the right to re-instate its policy allowing small residential development sites exemptions from making affordable housing contributions. The Government first introduced its policy allowing small housing development sites (of less than 10 units… Read more »

Posted: Author: Laura Trapnell

Government’s four year intellectual property enforcement strategy announced

Co-authored by Ryan Mitchell (Trainee Solicitor) and Laura Trapnell (Head of IP) The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) this week released the government’s latest intellectual property enforcement strategy. The 40 page document  gives an overview of the steps the government will take to tackle intellectual property infringement, with a particular focus on online infringement and… Read more »