Posted: Author: Laura Trapnell

No time for Seiko decision in Singapore

A recent decision from the IPO in Singapore has shown once again that sometimes a mark is almost too well known for its own good. SELLOTAPE and HOOVER have both suffered from being ‘too well known’ and are the most well known examples of this unfortunate ‘blip’ in trade mark law. Choice Fortune Holdings Limited… Read more »

Posted: Author: Sarah Wheadon

Civil sanctions for environmental permitting offences likely to be available from 6 April 2015

New regulations, if passed by Parliament, will allow businesses guilty of environmental permitting offences to voluntarily offer an enforcement undertaking to the Environment Agency, rather than face prosecution. An undertaking is effectively a commitment to take certain action within an agreed timescale.  As a starting point, the EA will require the organisation offering the undertaking… Read more »

Posted: Author: Sarah Wheadon

Do you BYOD to work??

In the world of data protection, BYOD stands for “bring your own device” where employees (and others) use their own tablets or mobile telephones to access corporate networks. The Information Commissioner’s Office has already published some useful guidance for businesses which is supported by a recent working paper published by the International Working Group on… Read more »