Posted: Author: Mark Withers

Planning permission about to expire?

Since 2005 the duration of detailed planning permissions (i.e. the period after which they lapse if not implemented) has been three years rather than five. In the case of an outline planning permission, an application for approval of all reserved matters must have been made within three years of the date of the consent.  The… Read more »

Posted: Author: Mark Withers

Landlords’ duties to act reasonably

Covenants not to assign a lease without first obtaining landlord’s consent are made subject to a qualification (by virtue of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1988) that such consent won’t be unreasonably withheld. The application of the principles set out in the 1988 Act is, inevitably, specific to each instance where a dispute arises.  Perhaps… Read more »

Posted: Author: James McNeil

Lloyds Bank plc v McBains Cooper [2016] EWHC 2045 (TCC)

Lloyds Bank plc v McBains Cooper [2016] EWHC 2045 (TCC) does not create any new law but it confirms that: Project Monitors are a funder’s “eyes and ears” in relation to a project, in this case a development of a church in London. Also, their role is not limited to simply providing information in its… Read more »

Posted: Author: Gemma Robinson

What is the latest on enhanced Shared Parental Leave?

The first tribunal decision on shared parental pay has been heard. It was a Scottish employment tribunal decision, hence it is not binding on English tribunals, but it provides a useful guide as to how tribunals are likely to approach compensation in such claims. Network Rail issued a policy on shared parental leave stating that… Read more »

Posted: Author: Joshua Lambert

Local Authority ‘Call for Sites’ – Promotion of sites for future development

What is the ‘Call for Sites’? Local Authorities will undertake a call for sites and broad locations for potential development, under a ‘call for sites’ consultation. The purpose of the call for sites consultation is for each Local Authority to meet their emerging housing and employment (retail, leisure, cultural, office, community, warehouse etc.) requirements. The… Read more »