Posted: Author: James McNeil

Worry about the print, not just the small print!

Harry Moore was taken to court over spiralling credit card debts which meant he faced losing his home and business. The case has clear lessons for anyone who deals with consumers in their day to day business. Mr Moore, aged 43, accrued a balance of more than £13,000 on an MBNA credit card, and failed… Read more »

Posted: Author: Kathryn Casey-Evans

Government on track to hit its projected annual income target

Following statistics out this week, the Government looks to hit nearly two-thirds of its projected annual income target as a result of its introduction of Tribunal fees. In addition, the traffic in Tribunals has significantly reduced offering further savings to the taxpayer. However, since fees have been introduced, claims have fallen sharply (79%). In my… Read more »

Posted: Author: Emily Sadler

Top legal tips for franchisees

Franchise agreements are usually lengthy (around 40-60 pages) and contain many obligations and restrictions on the franchisee. Before signing the agreement, it is important to take advice from a BFA affiliated solicitor who will be used to seeing franchise agreements from across the industry. Whilst the terms may be stated to be non-negotiable, it is… Read more »