Posted: Author: Jane Biddlecombe

Termination Payments – Goodbye to £30,000 tax free?

As part of the July 2015 budget, the Government announced that it would consult on simplifying the tax treatment of termination payments. As you may know, currently the first £30,000 of any non-contractual termination payment is tax and NI free. The Government is now considering various proposals including: – Removing the fixed £30,000 tax free… Read more »

Posted: Author: Gemma Robinson

Jeremy Corbyn releases his gender equality plans

Labour leadership contender, Jeremy Corbyn, yesterday published a quasi-manifesto document titled “Working with Women”. In this document he proposes bold strategies to promote stronger equality between men and women. His employment goals can be summed up as follows:- – abolishing/reducing employment tribunal fees – giving all workers unfair dismissal rights from day 1 (It is… Read more »

Posted: Author: Leyla Whitlingum

Estranged daughter’s successful claim against mother’s estate

Yesterday’s successful claim in the Court of Appeal case raises more questions than it answers. Mrs Ilott made a successful claim in 2007 against her mother, Mrs Jackson’s estate under the Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependants) Act 1975.  Her mother’s estate was valued at £486,000.  Mrs Ilott was Mrs Jackson’s only child.  They had… Read more »

Posted: Author: Laura Trapnell

The photo of the lady’s behind

I’m not sure that this one has yet made national news, but it will! I heard it on Radio Solent yesterday afternoon. Apparently a lady was doing her weekly shopping in the supermarket (didn’t catch which one) when she turned around to find a man taking a photo on his mobile phone of her bottom…. Read more »

Posted: Author: Huw Miles

Where’s the Justice?

Headlines abound. Just in the last few days we have read: 1. The government is unlikely to do anything about the almost complete disappearance of legal aid; 2. Court fees are set to rise further out of reach; 3. The number of applications to court has decreased significantly. Now, I’m not saying that court proceedings… Read more »