Posted: Author: David Eminton

Acquiring the right to hang a gate. Yes, seriously!

In the recently reported case of Bradley v Heslin, the High Court considered an owner’s entitlement to close gates over a private right of way. As bizarre as it may sound, the court said it was possible to acquire the right, by long user, to hang a gate over a driveway (by occupying the airspace),… Read more »

Posted: Author: Sarah Wheadon

Employee convicted of DPA offence and ordered to pay over £750

A paralegal has been convicted for taking sensitive information relating to over 100 individuals before leaving his firm for a rival. The sensitive personal information was contained within workload lists, file notes and template documents which the paralegal hoped to use in his new job. It was taken without his employer’s permission. The paralegal was… Read more »

Posted: Author: Sarah Wheadon

In the construction sector?

Unannounced health and safety inspections targeting refurbishment projects will take place between 22 September 2014 and 17 October 2014. This comes after a two week period of proactive inspections earlier in the summer when 560 construction sites were visited and 120 enforcement notices (13 Prohibition Notices and 107 Improvement Notices) were served at 85 of… Read more »

Posted: Author: Sarah Wheadon

If you haven’t got around to that bribery policy, then read on…

The Sentencing Council’s new sentencing guidelines fraud, bribery and money laundering offences apply to individuals and organisations sentenced on or after 1 October 2014 (regardless of the date of the offence). Points of interest for businesses in relation to bribery offences include: Most cases are likely to be dealt with in the Crown Court, rather… Read more »