Posted: Author: David Roath

Harassment – Are you taking it seriously?

I have today read a case which is all too familiar on its facts. It is not ground breaking in terms of the law but it is useful for a number of reasons in that it:- • illustrates the risk in terms of injury to feelings awards; • serves as a reminder to employers of… Read more »

Posted: Author: Stephanie Bermudez

Why events should be a key part of your marketing strategy

Recently there has been a lot of focus on building relationships online; in particular the mining of the statistics that you can gather from social media. I believe that most companies now understand the benefits of using social media and it has become an integral part of most organisation’s marketing strategies. That said, I think… Read more »

Posted: Author: Sarah Wheadon

Beware of new criminal courts charge from 13 April

Individuals and businesses convicted of offences committed after 13 April 2015 face the new criminal charge, a non-means tested charge which the Magistrates’ or Crown Courts must impose (subject to a few exceptions) on top of any fine (or other sentence), the victim surcharge (another non-means tested levy) and any prosecution costs. Charges range from… Read more »

Posted: Author: Sarah Wheadon

The sky’s the limit in the Magistrates’ Court

New legislation means that for all offences committed after 12 March 2015, all fines that were previously capped at £5,000 or higher (where legislation provided for it) in the Magistrates’ court are now unlimited. This means that Magistrates can now impose higher fines than previously and impacts on a number of regulatory offences, including: health… Read more »