Posted: Author: Mike Pavitt

Don’t waste my time, Mr Insolvency Practitioner: Creditor Portals do not equal Creditor Engagement

So-called “Creditor Portals”, and other similarly titled electronic platforms by which insolvency practitioners typically circulate any meaningful information to creditors about insolvent estates, have been a bugbear of mine ever since they were first used a little while ago. Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely applaud the attempt which they represent to minimise the amount… Read more »

Posted: Author: Laura Trapnell

IPO guidance on intellectual property insurance

I often speak to clients about the importance of considering whether IP insurance might be appropriate for their business, particularly where registered IP rights form a fundamental part of the business in terms of maintaining a monopoly in the market, rather than generating licensing revenue. So I was interested to see that the UK Intellectual… Read more »

Posted: Author: David Eminton

Scales of Justice rocked by scale fees: more Jackson reforms on the way?

Sir Rupert Jackson, speaking last week at the annual conference of the Insolvency Practitioners Association, has delivered his vision for fundamental reforms aimed not at his hosts, but at the legal profession. Sir Rupert has already overseen a sea of change in litigation in England and Wales. He introduced, amongst other things, cost budgeting, the… Read more »

Posted: Author: Nicola Davies

Landlords face up to a £3000 fine for not checking occupiers’ ID

From the 1 February 2016 before granting a tenancy or a licence, landlords or their managing agents (if they accepted the responsibility) will have to check the immigration status of all individuals aged over 18, including sub tenants, lodgers and family members; essentially everyone who occupies the property as their main dwelling that is not… Read more »

Posted: Author: David Roath

Internet and social media use at work – The blurred line

There has been a lot written recently about the right to privacy at work. This has been brought back into the spotlight by the case of Bărbulescu v Romania. By way of recap, Mr Bărbulescu was an engineer working for a heating company. At his employer’s request he set up a Yahoo Messenger account to… Read more »